Gemeente Den Haag

Our case study for Gemeente Den Haag

As a contractor, we’ve been ask to participate in a huge migration project for the municipalty of The Hague. Their application landshape contains over 3000 application where more than 1000 applications had to be virtualized. With a team of 4 people, we achieved this goal to make a clean transition to Windows 7 possible.

Migration Gemeente Den Haag

Within the municipality of The Hague, WiNC Solutions has packaged and migrated more than 1000 applications and made them available on a VDI desktop. This included all core applications such as Corsa, Paspomaat, iBurgerzaken, GWS4All, VIS, Dis4Piv, DDS4ALL and all associated systems.

  • Client Gemeente Den Haag
  • Start December 5, 2013
  • End Oktober 4, 2015
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  • Tags Local Government