Our case study for Syntrophos

As a contractor, we’ve lead many projects and migrations for Syntrophos. We build a whole new IT infrastructure with a future proof architecture using App Virtualization, Enhanced Workspace Security, App Profiling, etc. After building this infrastructure, we lead three big IT migrations and one municipal merger.

The STIP program of Syntrophos

As contractor of the STIP program, WiNC Solutions has redesigned the entire ICT environment of this shared service center. The program included about 30 technical projects in which we took full care of the staffing, the preparation of the necessary Low Level Designs, the individual project management and the overall monitoring of the program.

The program included an implementation and design of a completely new Active Directory environment with a Microsoft App-V infrastructure, Ivanti Workspace Manager, Microsoft Azure connection, Network zoning (including DMZ and Azure Hub/Spoke), Exchange 2016 + Hybrid Cloud implementation, SQL/Oracle Clustering, Microsoft SCCM, Windows 10, Office 2016, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Intune, Docker, Skype for Business, Anti Malware, RDSH, and much more.


An important requirement was that the infrastructure was secure, reliable and that the separation between tenants was carried out in an adequate manner. This has been tested by an external audit party (BKBO) that tested the designed infrastructure against the security standards by the various government frameworks (NORA, BIO, etc.). Due to the positive result of this audit, we have proven to set up a secure basic infrastructure for Syntrophos.


WiNC Solutions ensured that all participants of Syntrophos “Brielle, Westvoorne, Hellevoetsluis and Nissewaard” were migrated to this newly designed multi-tenant platform. During these migrations, we’ve migrated around 2000 workstations and more than 1000 applications, of which 450 application packages (App-V).

All the applications were made available using Ivanti Workspace Manager so with that, we’ve successfully implemented application whitelisting so it’s only possible to start authorized files. By this, Syntrophos now meets the highest security standards.

Furthermore, WiNC Solutions took care of the total application packaging using our Package on Demand solution. With this we have completely unburdened the customer with a fixed price assignment.

For each migration, WiNC has created a project plan and a migration strategy. To gather all the information, we’ve managed a couple of workshops with the entire team. With this design, we carried out the realization phase of the project using SCRUM methodology. After all the applications were migrated or packaged and the information management and communication were in order, we drew up a transition runbook and by that, we’ve performed 4 successful migrations with very little aftercare and a very positive organizational sentiment.

  • Client Syntrophos
  • Start January 5, 2018
  • End June 4, 2021
  • Site
  • Tags Local Government
Commitment from WiNC has made our organization one step more professional in lifecycle management. An important added value for us in addition to achieving the project results,
Erwin van Leiden, IT-ManagerSyntrophos


During our projects, we have used the following services specific for this customer

Customer Interview

Did package on Demand delivered according to your expectations?

Package on demand provides us with reliable services at the agreed time and working on our environment. More difficult packages that cost more than anticipated time are also realized with extra effort.

Why did you stayed with WiNC Solutions for more than 3 years?

WiNC offers a pleasant personal collaboration with an eye for the necessary support and priorities. This collaboration has received that attention from the 1st moment and grows as the collaboration continues

Did the projects stayed within the defined scope?

The achieved project results are not always achieved within the predetermined scope in terms of time and money. However, this is always reported at an early stage via the correct project governance. Lessons learned have been applied and have ensured better results within the scope of time and budget in subsequent processes.

What do you think of the quality that WiNC Solutions provided?

The basic quality is good. It is also noticeable that feedback is used to improve things.

Do you think that you were able to achieve the results without us?

The results would not have been achieved without the efforts of the WiNC professionals. In addition to the capacity, the expertise has also ensured the achievement of the results and further development of the Syntrophos organization.

What can we improve to make our services even better?

With Package on demand, the separation between project-based and management activities is more effective and reports visible.

Erwin van Leiden, IT-Manager, Syntrophos


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