Voorne aan Zee

Our case study for Voorne aan Zee

Voorne aan Zee is a newly formed municipality created by merging Brielle, Westvoorne, and Hellevoetsluis, three municipalities located on the island of Voorne-Putten in South Holland, the Netherlands. In an effort to improve services and make them more efficient, the three municipalities decided to merge and needed to migrate their IT infrastructure into a single system to support the new municipality.

The challenge of migrating IT infrastructure

Merging the IT infrastructure of three municipalities was challenging because each municipality used different systems. We had to ensure that each municipality’s data was transferred securely without loss of important information. In addition, the new system had to meet the requirements of the new municipality and its various departments.

The solution: How we overcame the challenges

To ensure a successful IT migration, we designed a plan that included IT professionals from the three municipalities and external consultants. Our plan identified the differences between the three municipalities’ systems and determined the best way to merge them into the new system. We carried out extensive testing and validation to ensure data integrity and to verify that the new system met the needs of the new municipality and its departments.

We created a detailed risk analysis and monitored it weekly to ensure that we focused on the most important tasks before the migration.

The result: The success of the IT migration

The IT migration was a great success. The new system now works smoothly and meets the needs of the new municipality and its departments. Each municipality’s data was transferred securely without loss of important information.

The new IT infrastructure enables the municipality to improve its services and work more efficiently. The inhabitants of the municipality can now enjoy better and faster services. The project team completed the project within the set time and budget. The success of this project shows that good planning, collaboration, and validation are crucial for the success of an IT migration project.

  • Client Voorne aan Zee
  • Start January 5, 2022
  • End Februari 28, 2023
  • Site syntrophos.nl
  • Tags Local Government
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