Package on Demand

An innovative way to deal with packaging

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Main Features

These are the main features of our platform. For inquiries, you can always contact us for a live demo.

Scrum Board

Easily request packages for your business applications and have complete insight during the total process.

Package Store

Download all generic packages directly from our store (from the shelf). These are immediately ready for use and have already been tested.

Credit system

One payment method for the entire platform. Everything is simplified on one collective invoice.


Create a backlog and see how much credits you need in order to execute your backlog. Collect all the information regarding the package before you submit a request.

Projects / Teams

Running different projects or having different teams inside your organization? You can create different projects with separated credit/debit budgets.

Life Cycle

Control your application life cycle with package on demand. You can ether be notified to check for an application update or have us check it for you. We’ll make a new package if a version update is published. This way, you’ll easily stay up-to-date.

Scrum Board

Request Business Applications

Fill in only the most necessary information in order to request a package of a business application. We’ll be in touch if we miss something.

Monitor the progression

After your request, you’ll be able to monitor the entire application packaging process. From intake till test. Something not as desired? We’ll refactor until you’re satisfied.

Testing, Refactor and Done

Download your package directly from our scrumboard, start testing it in your environment and approve your packages once everything is as desired.

Why use Package on Demand?

Because Package on Demand is an innovative and better way to handle packaging and you will be completely unburdened.

Packaging in the cloud – this allows us to better plan resources, reducing your time-to-market and thereby reducing costs. In addition, we document all installations in our database so that specific knowledge is guaranteed.

Outsourcing in Control

Our portal gives you full insight into the progress of your application through Agile work. See the status of all your requests in our well-organized scrum board. Do you need specific information? Just call one of our engineers.

Life Cycle Management

Package on Demand helps to promote Life Cycle Management in your company. When a new application is available in our package store, you will receive a notification about this. With Package on Demand, you will receive all updates for a reduced price.

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