The Package Store

Download all your packages “on demand” from our package store

Why use the Package Store

Because taking advantage of the off-the-shelf service prevents time-consuming testing for your organization.
Your time-to-market is shortened and costs are reduced.
No more testing

Our packages are tested on technical and functional level. Also we created an automated test system that guarantees the quality of the package and we test all of our packages on multiple operating-systems. However, if a package is still not working in your environment, we’ll help to get it running or give you a full refund.

Life Cycle Management

Package on Demand helps to promote Life Cycle Management in your company. When a new application is available in our package store, you will receive a notification about this. With Package on Demand, you will receive all updates for a reduced price.

Reduce costs

Packaging in the cloud – this allows us to better plan resources, reducing your time-to-market and thereby reducing costs. In addition, we document all installations in our database so that specific knowledge is guaranteed.

Package on Demand Store

Package Store

Download from the shelf

Just download over 1500 packages right from the shelf. Relieve yourself from the intake, building, testing, refactoring and documentation hassle and just download packages that work.

Easily update your packages

Staying up-to-date with your applications has never been more important. After you’ve purchased a package, you will get all the future updates for a reduced price, forever. This way you’ll always stay up-to-date.

Not in the store?

No problem. Just notify us using the report function within package on demand. As long as the package is publicly available, we can publish it into our store. Mostly within 24 hours.

Live in our store

See which packages we already have in our store. Miss something? no problem. Let us know and we’ll add it.
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