Become a Package on Demand reseller

Let your customers benefit from package on demand.

Benefits for a reseller

If you want to provide professional packaging services, but you don’t have the resources to deliver,
We can help! Join as a reseller without any obligations.
Customer Insight

Focus on your primary customers and know directly when new customers are struggling, with our reseller dashboard. See how many orders they have open and how much orders they have created within a certain period. It will help you to improve your customers experience based on our data.

Full customer management

You can totally manage your own customers with our reseller module. You wont need any interaction with our staff to help your customer. Of course we will always be there when you need help, but we can work totally transparent and white label.

Collective purchases

Our pricing model is based on a price scale. Basically the more credits you buy, the more you will benefit from this scale. It can be beneficial to order credits for multiple customers at the same time to increase your profit. We can also handle high volumes. For that, we suggest that you contact our sales department.

Reseller Module


Have total insight in your customers activities (with their privacy assured). Perform your CRM data-driven by our counters to maximize your customers experience.

Customer Control

Support your customers directy from our Reseller Module. Reset passwords, create accounts, add credits, create new company profiles, all very easy from our portal.

Use your own payment system

Package on Demand is totally based on credits. This means that resellers control the invoices them self. However we do have list prices that our resellers have to honor, but we’ll always try to think with our partners on higher volumes.

Get in Touch

Register as reseller by using the contact form, or sent an email to [email protected]





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